At MMOUK we create high quality and imaginative video production in Gloucestershire and further afield for a wide range of business clients across the UK. On-site filming is also complemented by our in-house audio studio and green screen to optimize our skills in motion graphics, animation and CGI enabling us to add special effects to give your individual production that wow factor including; shadows, 3D environments and photorealistic models from a luxury office to a space station or another planet, from a plain white background to a prolific and verdant jungle clearing or desert scene – if you can imagine it, we can bring it to life.

We’ll work with you to understand the outcomes you want, then define the best format for your video and what success looks like and how involved you’ll want to be in its production. Once agreed, we’ll use our expertise to develop the project plan with you, and bring together all the necessary equipment, people, and real or virtual locations. Finally, there’s the creative execution, and preparing your idea for filming – from writing scripts to getting your people comfortable on camera. Essentially, we’ve got it all covered.

From the creative and imaginative concepts,  MMOUK continues to exceed expectations and we make sure we ride the emerging wave of new technologies – We take innovation seriously. That’s why you’ll find us constantly investing in and developing practical applications and concepts to bring your ideas to life. Having said that, we’re not a ‘trends’ type of crew, and will only suggest an approach that best meets your precise needs – in line with budget.

Post-production is an art. From editing the filmed clips, to applying the audio narration, we can perform a range of activities that collectively help infuse the piece with empathy and meaning to inspire a more emotional connection and effective engagement with your audience.