The planning bit (Pre-production)

Where we help bring your goals into focus, and identify the best way of achieving them

Planning starts with listening. Well it does for us. For you it starts with talking, and telling us about yourself, what makes you tick, your journey to ‘now’, and what you believe the final destination looks like. Then we’ll get into the detail: what’s the big idea, who is your audience, what reaction do you want to inspire, and what deadline are you working to…

We’ll work with you to understand the outcomes you want, then define the best format for your video and what success looks like and how involved you’ll want to be in its production. Once agreed, we’ll use our expertise to develop the project plan with you, and bring together all the necessary equipment, people, and real or virtual locations. Finally, there’s the creative execution, and preparing your idea for filming – from writing scripts to getting your people comfortable on camera. Essentially, we’ve got it all covered.

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 The creation bit

Where we’ll film, shoot, record, and animate content to make you proud

We take innovation seriously – from the creative concepts we deliver to making sure MMOUK continues to ride the wave of new and emerging technologies. That’s why you’ll find us constantly investing in and developing practical applications and concepts to bring your ideas to life. Having said that, we’re not a ‘trends’ type of crew, and will only suggest an approach that best meets your precise needs – in line with budget.

As for the filming, be it on-site, on location, or on green-screen, you’ll be working with our team of highly talented people – experienced ‘doers’. In other words we’re not frustrated Scorceses dreaming of Hollywood – rather we’re entrepreneurs ourselves, and care passionately about helping you achieve success.

What our customers think

“MMOUK are my ‘go-to’ studio for all our Voice-Over, dialogue and narration. They are the experts, technically adept professionals, yet very easy to talk to and make sure we feel the love by always going that extra mile. ”

Peter Connelly Peter Connelly Limited

The post-production bit

Where we bring it all together, and add that touch of magic to the finished article

Post-production is an art – a series of creative and artistic disciplines that takes your ideas, concepts and raw video and turns it into memorable, engaging video, ensuring your message is seen and heard. From editing the filmed clips, to applying the audio narration, we can perform a range of activities that collectively help infuse the piece with empathy and meaning to inspire a more emotional connection and effective engagement with your audience.

Then there’s our bag of tricks; our skills in animation, motion graphics and CGI enables us to add special effects that can give your asset the wow factor – fire, rain, smoke, Heads-Up-Displays, lens flares, shadows, 3D environments and photorealistic models from a luxury office to a space station or another planet, from a plain white background to a prolific and verdant jungle clearing or desert scene – if you can imagine it, we can bring it to life.

What our customers think

“I have done both voiceovers and studio presenting with Andrew and the MMOUK team on various occasions and each time the experience has been highly professional using high tech, creative thinking, broadcast quality equipment and top spec studios. Set in the most idyllic rural environment, and with a lightness and warmth from the staff, they manage to beat my expectations each time the finished product. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough for both audio and visual work.”

Sally Greenwood BBC trained Presenter/Broadcaster

The sound bit

Where we make all the right noises to get you noticed

At MMOUK our capabilities in sound can more than hold their own against any of the major studios you’ll find in (to be read in a country accent) ‘London’. As a result we can point to any number of client projects we’ve worked on to deliver recordings such as: narration, promos, adverts, drama, SFX, interviews, and podcasts.

To this we can add our functional skills, which include (from an editing and mixing perspective), voice, music, SFX, and backgrounds), as well as (from a mastering perspective) online, mobile, broadcast, and archival.

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Call direct: +44 (0)1453 76883